My Gay Agenda

  1. Ensure that having adult relations with my partner cannot be prosecuted by the state as a criminal act.
  2. Appeal to a fundamental sense of fairness that a person should not be fired from a job, denied housing, denied credit, or be otherwise discriminated against simply because of that person's sexual orientation
  3. Combat the lies and misinformation deliberately spread by the anti-gay hate industry and its political bedfellows about sexual orientation in general and homosexuality and bisexuality in particular.
  4. Eliminate government-sanctioned homophobia, including the arbitrary and capricious ban on gays serving their countries honorably in the military.
  5. Secure the right to marry my partner, along with all the rights and responsibilities that come along with marriage. (If Elvis can marry two complete strangers in a drive-thru in Vegas, why shouldn't I be able to marry the partner with whom I share an intimate and lasting relationship?)
  6. Educate everyone so that compassion and understanding replace bigotry and superstitution.
  7. Leave the country and the world in a state that makes life easier for the next generation of gay citizens.